Elements (2019) – COSMIC DRAMA

Face the world with the potential of music.As art, it represents the breadth to which we are faced in this abyss. In this role roles are played through a multiplicity of masks,no face is authentic. Sounds can be seen, colors can be heard. The senses can be enhanced when living between the ruptures left by a journey through… Continue lendo Elements (2019) – COSMIC DRAMA


Think Again – COSMIC DRAMA

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpTReeCqoHU Do you think you are special? leave behind you ambition, nothing is just like you see it, look what you have done; look what you are creating leave behind you ambition, think what you have done, everything... this body, this sensations, those are nothing. let´s get one thing straight, we are not the only… Continue lendo Think Again – COSMIC DRAMA