"Sakia" is taken from the album Cosmology (2010) I'm bringing it down nowRipping it down from corner to cornerTearing the flesh then running for shelterNothing has mattered as much as thisLosing it now, dazed and addicted Lashing out for something realHanging by a threadPulling myself up againAgain, again Mirror, mirror on the wallI'm a… Continue lendo ROLO TOMASSI – Sakia


ROLO TOMASSI – Kasia (live in London, 2017)

Rolo Tomassi are an English band from Sheffield, also the hometown to Cabaret Voltaire, Pulp, and The Human League, among other great bands. Their name is taken from a dialogue in the film L.A. Confidential. The band is known for their strong DIY ethic and chaotic style and performances. They are currently signed to MNRK… Continue lendo ROLO TOMASSI – Kasia (live in London, 2017)

ROLO TOMASSI – French Motel / Kasia

From the album Cosmology (2010) There is no goodShake your head at me and I'll shake mine right back at youDisappointment isn't a desire of minePlagued with fragmented thoughts of why?Too shameful to describeWith weary assurances I sit byAnd await no replyThere is no good(Digesting the oldest fucking trick)Catch me if you canDipping… Continue lendo ROLO TOMASSI – French Motel / Kasia