ALTHEA RANKS – Karma Chameleon (Culture Club)

Althea Ranks became known in the late 1970's and 1980's due to her reggae duo Althea & Donna. Not much information is available on-line about them. "Karma Chameleon" is a song by English band Culture Club, featured on the group's 1983 album Colour by Numbers. The single spent three weeks at number one on the… Continue lendo ALTHEA RANKS – Karma Chameleon (Culture Club)


JD STRAIT – Karma Chameleon (Culture Club)

A soothing, Johnny-Cash-ish rendering of Culture Club's hit single. JD Strait's version of "Karma Chameleon" is taken from his album Stories (2012). Desert loving in your eyes all the wayIf I listen to your lies, would you sayI’m a man (a man) without convictionI’m a man (a man) who doesn’t knowHow to sell (to… Continue lendo JD STRAIT – Karma Chameleon (Culture Club)

MINISTRY OF SILLY SKA – Karma Chameleon (Culture Club)

Angesichts des Trümmerfeldes der Musikgeschichte, zu dem eine Kultur- und Spaßgesellschaft ohne Ska, ohne Off-Beats und ohne Achtung vor der Würde der Vorzeichen in ihrer Gesamtheit geführt hat, in dem festen Entschluss, der kommenden Musikgenerationen die Segnungen des Tanzes, des Hüpfens und des Bewegens dauernd zu sichern, gibt das Ministerium dem musikalischen Pöbel, eingedenk seiner… Continue lendo MINISTRY OF SILLY SKA – Karma Chameleon (Culture Club)

CULTURE CLUB – Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? (1982)

"Do You Really Want to Hurt Me" is a song written and performed by English new wave band Culture Club. Released as a single in September 1982 from the group's platinum-selling debut album, Kissing to Be Clever (1982), it was the band's first UK No. 1 hit. In the United States, the single was released… Continue lendo CULTURE CLUB – Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? (1982)

CULTURE CLUB – Love Is Love | Electric Dreams OST (1984)

Culture Club are an English pop band formed in London in 1981. The band comprises Boy George (lead vocals), Roy Hay (guitar and keyboards), and Mikey Craig (bass guitar), and formerly included Jon Moss (drums and percussion). Emerging in the New Romantic scene, they are considered one of the most representative and influential groups of… Continue lendo CULTURE CLUB – Love Is Love | Electric Dreams OST (1984)

Boy George’s 1970s: Save Me From Suburbia | BBC documentary

British pop star Boy George recalls, revisits and assesses how the 1970's moulded the person and artist he has become. This is his musical, social and sexual coming of age, when he discovered the power of his own sexuality before setting about turning that persona into a popstar. Set against a backdrop of social discord,… Continue lendo Boy George’s 1970s: Save Me From Suburbia | BBC documentary