DEAFHEAVEN – Glint (live in Warsaw, 2018)

From the album Ordinary Corrupt Human Love (2018) Deafheaven é uma banda americana de blackgaze formada em 2010 por George Clarke e Kerry McCoy. As músicas da banda tem sido descritas como uma fusão do black metal com o shoegaze e o post-rock, daí a banda ser tida como blackgaze. Deafheaven is an American band formed in… Continue lendo DEAFHEAVEN – Glint (live in Warsaw, 2018)


DEAFHEAVEN – Glint (live)

From the album Ordinary Corrupt Human Love (2018), live at Bi Nuu, Berlin, September 2018. Listening to muffled footstepsOf those brushingReaching grassesSeeing the last letters of my nameSeeing the last letters of my nameFaded and shyImagining us clasping hands in holiday Imagining us clasping hands in holidayImagining you growing olderGrowing somehow more beautiful Imagining… Continue lendo DEAFHEAVEN – Glint (live)

DEAFHEAVEN – Live at Pitchfork Music Festival (2014) The entire Deafheaven set from Pitchfork Music Festival 2014 SUBSCRIBE to Follow on Twitter: For more videos from Pitchfork TV: Pitchfork on Facebook: out Pitchfork on Tumblr:

Unrequited (live) / Tunnel of Trees – DEAFHEAVEN

From Deafheaven's debut album Roads to Judah (2011). Bowing to a monolith of griefObsessing over discordDaydreaming of nightsThat led my staggering steps to nowhere Bathing in the Summer night’s coldAnd in the black of nightI feel so old I feel so worn, quartered, and tornHung from the postWhere my brothers once sungCut from the… Continue lendo Unrequited (live) / Tunnel of Trees – DEAFHEAVEN