Ceremony – DEFTONES

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kbl0aSRzvKg Deftones' official video for "Ceremony" – from the new album, Ohms. Fate's Lounge is open. Get on the list at https://Deftones.com/tarot​. Starring Cleopatra Coleman Directed by Leigh WhannellProduced by Emma BuerklinDirector of Photography: Sonja TsypinProduction Designer: Lauren Kim Production Company: SimianExecutive Producer: Kyle CoganEdited by Kyle CoganColored by Kath RaischVFX by Kyle Cogan, Aaron … Continuar lendo Ceremony – DEFTONES

Genesis – Deftones

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbp0bET06wc I reject both sides of what I'm being toldI've seen right through, now I watch how wild it gets I finally achieveBalance, balance, balance...Approaching a delayedRebirth, rebirth, rebirth... I'm positive there's no sense to what I'm being soldYet here I go, I watch how wild we get Oh can you taste your lifeBalanced, balanced, … Continuar lendo Genesis – Deftones