Devotional – DEPECHE MODE

Regardless of the genre, some artists are able to achieve perfection in the state of their art (studio recording and live). Devotional - A Performance Filmed by Anton Corbijn es un lanzamiento en video de Depeche Mode , que presenta casi un concierto completo de su Devotional Tour de 1993, filmado en Barcelona, ​​España … Continuar lendo Devotional – DEPECHE MODE

Should be higher (Naweed mix) – Depeche Mode I dream of a day when I dare to believe you're the answer When the shame and the guilt are removed and the truth appears Oh the touch of your hand, I lose who I am if I want to I tried to resist but succumb to the bliss of your kiss You should … Continuar lendo Should be higher (Naweed mix) – Depeche Mode