My Alcoholic Friends – THE DRESDEN DOLLS I'm counting back The number of the steps It took for me to get Back on the wagon of the weekend I'll use the autotimer to prove that I'll get home with my imagination If they find the body in the basement "in the very house that she was raised in!" I'm taking down … Continuar lendo My Alcoholic Friends – THE DRESDEN DOLLS

Boston – The Dresden Dolls

An overwhelming, heart-arresting ballad. So lengthy for commercial standards (7 min. +), and yet I whish it kept going on for hours and hours.... All the cities in the world And so very little time and So many different girls... All you have to do is find them There's a wealth of opportunity you … Continuar lendo Boston – The Dresden Dolls

The Kill – The Dresden Dolls

Music video for the song. "The Kill" by The Dresden Dolls. This is the result of crazy DD fans and cinema students from Brazil teaming up to make a colorful music video. Enjoy! I am an anarchist An anti-christ An asterisk I am an anorak An acolyte An accidental I am eleven feet Okay, … Continuar lendo The Kill – The Dresden Dolls

Necessary Evil – THE DRESDEN DOLLS

The necessary Dresden Dolls. Let's get lost Fingers crossed It is an ordinary evening I am broadcasting are you receiving Sick sick sound All fall down It is a necessary evil Just like highway gas stations and people I remember gold days when all this was a mystery And you could write a letter … Continuar lendo Necessary Evil – THE DRESDEN DOLLS

Sing – The Dresden Dolls

"Life is no cabaret..." Beautiful song by a beautiful duo I deeply love, The Dresden Dolls. Nothing but a set of drums, piano and voice (Amanda Palmer's, always gorgeous). When it's beautiful and it's good, no other instruments are missed. To listen and sing in dark times, in times of rising global fascism Fascism is … Continuar lendo Sing – The Dresden Dolls