ERASURE – Respect

Erasure is an English synth-pop duo formed in London in 1985, consisting of singer/songwriter Andy Bell with songwriter, producer and keyboardist Vince Clarke, previously known as co-founder of the band Depeche Mode and a member of electropop duo Yazoo. I try to discoverA little something to make me sweeterOh baby refrain from breaking my… Continue lendo ERASURE – Respect

I Love To Hate You – ERASURE

Erasure é uma dupla britânica de synthpop, formada na cidade de Londres em 1985 pelo tecladista e guitarrista Vince Clarke e pelo vocalista Andy Bell. Waoh Oh Oh Oh! Waoh Oh Oh Oh! Waoh Oh Oh Oh!Waoh Oh Oh Oh! Waoh Oh Oh Oh! Waoh Oh Oh Oh! I'm crazy flowing over with ideasA… Continue lendo I Love To Hate You – ERASURE