DJ ZINC – Ready or Not (remix)

Benjamin Pettit (born 12 March 1972), better known as DJ Zinc, is a British DJ and record producer. Zinc first became known for 1995's "Super Sharp Shooter", a hip hop/jungle fusion, notably one of the pioneering jump-up anthems of its time. He went on to produce drum and bass, breakbeat and more recently UK garage… Continue lendo DJ ZINC – Ready or Not (remix)



M to the A to the S to the KPut the mask upon the face just to make the next day.Some mask love from Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean and Prazkarel Have you ever worn the mask one-two one-twoM to the A to the S to the KPut the mask upon the face just to… Continue lendo THE FUGEES – The Mask


Fya bun! All hail the hempress! Ooh lala laaaIs the way that we rockWhen we doing our thingOoh lala laaaIs the natural highThat the Hempress a bringOoh lalalaa lalalaaLa lalala lalala laaaOoh lalalaa lalalaaLa lalala lalala laaaThe real thing Ooh laa lala laa laaEssence emote through the nostrilAs I steam ACoconut chaliceCutchie Of SensimellaStrictly… Continue lendo Ooh LaLaLA – HEMPRESS SATIVA

THE FUGEES – Ready or Not [Lauryn Hill:]Ready or not, here I come, you can't hideGonna find you and take it slowlyReady or not, here I come, you can't hideGonna find you and make you want me [Wyclef Jean:]Now that I escape, sleepwalker awakeThose who could relate know the world ain't cakeJail bars ain't golden gatesThose who fake, they breakWhen… Continue lendo THE FUGEES – Ready or Not

Anything can happen – Wyclef Jean I got the skully to my face (hardcore) I got the skully to my face (hardcore) cause anything can happen at the Carnival (Yo make room, make room, make room, MAKE ROOM, make room) You can't stop the shining Yo, don't slip Mike You don't want to go there is all, trust me I… Continue lendo Anything can happen – Wyclef Jean

Apocalypse – Wyclef Jean [Intro:] Yeah, I was looking out my window when I heard this sound look up into the sky saw the moon turned to blood looked at my little brother said, "you high as hell maaan" [Chorus:] Apocalypse.. 1,2 the headlines youths just rolled through Apocalypse.. 3,4 solder, 100 horsemen at your door Apocalypse.. 5,6… Continue lendo Apocalypse – Wyclef Jean