Nick Cave’s ‘Ghosteen’ (2019): Palingenesis, musical angelology, and the good seeds of mustard

In honorem María Liliana Herrera Alzate (1960-2019) I used to appreciate Nick Cave's music, but when I first listened to his last album, Ghosteen (2019), I immediately became a worshipping fan, a Caveman of sorts. Ghosteen is one of the most beautiful things I've ever come across. Important detail: it's the first album released by... Continuar Lendo →

Bright Horses – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds [Verse 1] The bright horses have broken free from the fields They are horses of love, their manes full of fire They are parting the cities, those bright, burning horses And everyone is hiding, and no one makes a sound And I'm by your side, and I'm holding your hand Bright horses of wonder springing from your burning... Continuar Lendo →

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