Top 10 Most Shocking Chords in Music! We've all had a bit of a tough time in 2020 - so I thought I'd have a bit of fun exploring some of the most 'arghhhhhhhhhhh' chords in music. There are some pretty good ones, and I chucked in one of my own for good measure. - David Bruce

“György Ligeti: the M.C. Escher of music” (David Bruce) Who is the master of musical illusions? The Music equivalent of M.C. Escher? Escher himself would probably say J.S. Bach but in this video I make the case for Hungarian composer György Ligeti, whose work is full of Musical Illusions. In this video I look at the following musical illusions: 03:36 The Infinite Loop … Continuar lendo “György Ligeti: the M.C. Escher of music” (David Bruce)