The Quarantine Show – Cro-Mags This show was dedicated to everyone who is suffering through this pandemic, those who have become sick, everyone living under quarantine, those who are out of work for who knows how long; to everyone, all over the world. Try to be calm, don’t turn on each other; we will make it through this. -… Continue lendo The Quarantine Show – Cro-Mags


CRO-MAGS – We Gotta Know

Epic riffs. Strugglin in the streets just trying to surviveSearchin for the truth is just keepin us aliveGotta break these shackles gotta break these chainsSaid the only way we'll do it is if we use our brainsSaid there's gotta be some meaning to the purpose of lifeI know there must be more than the… Continue lendo CRO-MAGS – We Gotta Know