MELVINS – Hooch / Honey Bucket (from Melvins TV)

Recorded Live in 2020 at Sound of Sirens in front of a studio audience. Video by Jesse NieminenFilmed by Alicia KasaiSound recorded and produced by Toshi Kasai ©2022 Melvins HOOCH (from Houdini, 1993) Lost icka toe restMight like a sender doe reeYour make a doll a ray day sender bright like a penaltyExit ease… Continue lendo MELVINS – Hooch / Honey Bucket (from Melvins TV)


Honey bucket – The Melvins Eight times a fell a foe fi Like overcast and clean I gotta motor felt the wheel Real fashion peel. Try jacking blacken for more Handcuff for special keys Tribblize and neck down divide This'll be his size. Throw the case a plasticine down Maybe after you more lay Ain't about to pick my… Continue lendo Honey bucket – The Melvins