IRMA THOMAS – Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Black Mirror ST) AnyoneAnyoneAnyoneAnyone You can blame meTry to shame meAnd still I'll care for you You can run aroundEven put me downStill I'll be there for you The worldMay think I'm foolishThey can't see youLike I can Oh but anyoneWho knows what love isWill understand AnyoneAnyoneAnyoneI just feel so sorry (anyone)For the onesWho pity me'… Continue lendo IRMA THOMAS – Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Black Mirror ST)


Breakaway – IRMA THOMAS I made my reservation, I’m leaving town tomorrowI’ll find somebody new and there’ll be no more sorrowThat’s what I do each time, but I can’t follow throughI can’t breakaway, though you make me cryI can’t breakaway, I can’t say goodbyeNo I’ll never never breakaway from you, no, noNo, no, no, no, noNo, no, no,… Continue lendo Breakaway – IRMA THOMAS