Is this the life? (live) – CARDIACS

R.I.P. Tim Smith. Music misses you. Following around to see a life that’s never inAlways calling itself on its own phoneThough its never quite at home in the world today See it to arranging the dayPrepared in its own special wayWith added loving careThough its not been there since yesterday Looking so hard for … Continuar lendo Is this the life? (live) – CARDIACS

Is this the life? – CARDIACS

In love with the CARDIACS. And to find out they also compose powerfully melodic songs, devoid of weirdness or patheticness (which I deeply love), even potentially commercial if I may say so. Experimentalisms aside, my current CARDIACS obsession is this rather conventional track: "Is this the life?", from the Sing to God album (vol. 1). … Continuar lendo Is this the life? – CARDIACS

CARDIACS: mind-blowing musical frenzy

Cardiacs were an English rock band formed in 1977, originally as Cardiac Arrest, led by Tim Smith. Noted for their complex, varied and intense compositional style and for their eccentric, theatrical stage shows, they have been hailed as an influence by bands as diverse as Blur, Faith No More and Napalm Death. Cardiacs released eight … Continuar lendo CARDIACS: mind-blowing musical frenzy