SECRET CHIEFS 3 – Perichoresis

Perichoresis (from Greek περιχώρησις perikhōrēsis, "rotation") is a term referring to the relationship of the three persons of the triune God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) to one another. Circumincession is a Latin-derived term for the same concept. It was first used as a term in Christian theology, by the Church Fathers. The noun first… Continue lendo SECRET CHIEFS 3 – Perichoresis


SECRET CHIEFS 3 (ISHRAQIYUN) – Live @Le Petit Bain, Paris (2014)

Recorded & Authored: http://www.lostandfoundation.frRecorded on September 7th, 2014 - Le Petit Bain Paris, France The 15The 4Balance of the 19SaptarshiBereshithSpiritus Intelligentiae: Jophiel (Fast)TistryaThe 7The 3Brazen Serpent

Ishraqiyun / Perichoresis – SECRET CHIEFS 3 "This is the first recorded composition to introduce Spruance’s evolving system of musical ideas patterned upon specific geometrical relationships found in certain polyhedra, and some tesselating patterns derived therefrom. In fact the other pieces in Song Cycle 3 are more directly-related to polyhedra, whereas this piece takes a cue from the techniques discovered in… Continue lendo Ishraqiyun / Perichoresis – SECRET CHIEFS 3