Seasons in the sun – Me First & The Gimme Gimmes Goodbye to you my trusted friend We’ve known each other since we were nine or ten Together we’ve climbed hills and trees Learned of love and ABC’s Skinned our hearts and skinned our knees Goodbye my friend it’s hard to die When all the birds are singing in the sky Now that spring is... Continuar Lendo →

Le moribond (seasons in the sun) – Jacques Brel Adieu l'Émile, je t'aimais bien Adieu l'Émile, je t'aimais bien, tu sais On a chanté les mêmes vins On a chanté les mêmes filles On a chanté les mêmes chagrins Adieu l'Émile, je vais mourir C'est dur de mourir au printemps, tu sais Mais je pars aux fleurs la paix dans l'âme Car vu... Continuar Lendo →

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