JEROEN VAN VEEN – Glass: Solo Piano Music (fvll albvm)

A compilation of the music for piano solo by Philip Glass, icon of minimalism. In his piano music, Glass presents structures of repeated patterns which slowly and gradually, seemingly unconsciously, change in rhythm, speed or form, creating a fascinating sound landscape of slowly shifting colours and patterns. Accepted onto the early admissions programme of the… Continue lendo JEROEN VAN VEEN – Glass: Solo Piano Music (fvll albvm)


NIETZSCHE – Complete Piano Music

Like countless other well-educated German lads, Friedrich Nietzsche took up the piano as a child, and immersed himself in the world of Beethoven and Schumann. But unlike most of them, he pursued music with a single-minded devotion which would later distinguish his philosophical writings. During his teenage years he composed fugues, sonatas and fantasies, as… Continue lendo NIETZSCHE – Complete Piano Music

JEROEN VAN VEEN – Piazzolla: para el Ángel

This recording of piano music marks the Centenary of Astor Piazzolla’s birth in 1921. Included are original piano works by Piazzolla as well as Jeroen van Veen’s own arrangements of the famous sets of tangos, and of course the iconic Adiós Nonino. Composer: Astor PiazzollaArtists: Jeroen van Veen (piano) ‘I play with violence,’ Astor… Continue lendo JEROEN VAN VEEN – Piazzolla: para el Ángel