The fourth CD in a 12-month period by Zorn’s most powerful new ensemble presents nine genre-busting compositions mixing jazz, metal, classical, world music and more. This time their trademark sound is augmented by the ringing tones of Kenny Wollesen’s vibraphone to create their wildest, most insane CD to date. Juxtaposing complex atonal lines, driving vamps,… Continue lendo JOHN ZORN – Night


JOHN ZORN – Simulacrum – The Illusionist (2015)

The most extreme organ trio ever, Simulacrum is yet another wild new direction from Downtown Alchemist John Zorn, who continues to explore new worlds and new ensembles into his sixth decade. Dramatic through-composed pieces that unfold with a cinematic logic, this genre bending music defies classification, touching upon metal, jazz, minimalism, atonality, noise and more.… Continue lendo JOHN ZORN – Simulacrum – The Illusionist (2015)

JOHN ZORN – The Song Project @ Moers Festival (2013) [Full show]

Including music originally written for Naked City, Masada, The Dreamers, a variety of film soundtracks and more, The Song Project is a retrospective of some of Zorn's most lyrical compositions from the past 30 years. Features the voices of Mike Patton, Jesse Harris, and Sofia Rei. The Song Project Live at Moers Festival, 17… Continue lendo JOHN ZORN – The Song Project @ Moers Festival (2013) [Full show]

MOONCHILD live @ Moers Festival (2013) Moonchild - Templars: In Sacred Blood (live at Moers Festival, 17 May 2013) Setlist: 00:19​ Templi Secretum06:00​ Evocation of Baphomet12:12​ Murder of the Magicians16:30​ Prophetic Souls22:31​ Libera Me26:13​ A Second Sanctuary31:10​ Recordatio35:45​ Secret Ceremony Mike Patton: voiceJohn Medeski: pianoTrevor Dunn: bassJoey Baron: drumsJohn Zorn: cond

Dostoyevski – JOHN ZORN’s Song Project ft. Mike Patton @ La Villette Jazz Festival (2013) Sofia Rei : chantJesse Harris : chantMarc Ribot : guitareJohn Medeski : pianoTrevor Dunn : basseKenny Wollesen : vibraphoneCyro Baptista : percussionsJoey Baron : batterie