JOHN ZORN – Jazz in Marciac (2010) This is some golden footage here... Pro-shot by Mezzo and the Jazz in Marciac Team. Some of the top musicians in the field. John Zorn - direction, saxophoneMarc Ribot - guitarJamie Saft - piano, orgueTrevor Dunn - bassKenny Wollesen - vibraphoneJoey Baron - drumsCyro Baptista - percussion

Understanding Mr. Bungle (The Self-titled Album) To say that Mr.Bungle is an eclectic album, is an understatement. Thanks to Mike Patton’s outstanding personality in the music business, both the band and the self-titled debut garnered a special place in the hearts of many cult-fans over the years. And for good reasons.The band tried to break boundaries musically and lyrically with … Continuar lendo Understanding Mr. Bungle (The Self-titled Album)

Extensão vocal de Mike Patton: Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Tomahawk, Fantômas

Toda essa extensão vocal agora dedicada ao Trash Metal. E isso é bom. O INCRÍVEL Mike Inacreditável Patton tem sua extensão vocal analisada nesse vídeo (por Timi T., que também tem outros vídeos de extensão vocal): Eu incluí algumas informações na sua pesquisa e fiz nos meus moldes, mas sem deixar de creditar … Continuar lendo Extensão vocal de Mike Patton: Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Tomahawk, Fantômas

Transmigration of the Magus (2014) – John Zorn 01. Into the light 00:0002. Transmigration of the magus 08:0403. Perfect mind 14:4804. Providence 18:4705. Gnostic Hymn 23:1406. Apocryphon 28:0007. The divine word 31:4408. The three-fold thought 35:2209. Merlin 39:52

The Mysteries (2013) – John Zorn [00:00] 1. Sacred Oracle[05:34] 2. Hymn Of Naasenes[10:40] 3. Dance Of Sappho[14:46] 4. The Bacchanalia[17:43] 5. Consolamentum[23:33] 6. Ode To The Cathars[30:27] 7. Apollo[33:56] 8. Yaldabaoth[37:50] 9. The Nymphs Credits: Composed By, Arranged By, Producer – John ZornCopyright (c) – TzadikDesign – Chippy, Heung-Heung ChinEnsemble – The Gnostic TrioGuitar – Bill FrisellHarp – Carol … Continuar lendo The Mysteries (2013) – John Zorn

The Gnostic Preludes – John Zorn [00:00] 1. Prelude 1: The Middle Pillar[06:39] 2. Prelude 2: The Book Of Pleasure[12:44] 3. Prelude 3: Prelude Of Light[18:41] 4. Prelude 4: Diatesseron[23:16] 5 Prelude 5: Music Of The Spheres[31:30] 6. Prelude 6: Circumambulation[38:03] 7. Prelude 7: Sign And Sigil[44:25] 8. Prelude 8: The Invisibles Credits: Composed By, Arranged By – John ZornCopyright … Continuar lendo The Gnostic Preludes – John Zorn