https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ankUa5oLXN4 WAR!!! Our government is f**kedSure to bring us downThe media incites civil unrestHatred can bring you down [Chorus]WAR!!!I don't want your warWAR!!!WE DON'T NEED YOUR WARWe don't need your warWAR!!!Military beasts starvin countriesDrama brings you to your kneesSpill your blood to save humanityDyin for the food we feed [Chorus]Our government is f**kedSure to bring … Continuar lendo Disorder – SLAYER & BODY COUNT

Judgement night – ONYX & BIOHAZARD

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYfwoWM2uCc [Chorus] Judgment Night, got gun got badge Judgment Night, HUH! Judgment Night, in the echo of a gunblast Judgment Night!!! Over here, and bust the way, crush a sucka gutter Sun don't cease at a hundred degrees I'm coolin in your freezer (He's a breezer) I hits it up with that bald faced rap … Continuar lendo Judgement night – ONYX & BIOHAZARD