Love rears its ugly head – LIVING COLOUR I always thought our relationship was coolYou played the role of having senseI always played the foolNow something's differentI don't know the reason whyWhenever we separateI almost want to cry Oh no, please not that againLove rears up its ugly head And when I come home late you don't complain or callSo as a… Continue lendo Love rears its ugly head – LIVING COLOUR


Elvis Is Dead – Living Colour Tabloids screamElvis seen at a shopping mallThat's the kind of talkThat makes my stomach crawl Picture a zombie ElvisIn a tacky white jump suitJust imagine a rotting ElvisShopping for fresh fruitYou can't 'cause Elvis is deadElvis is deadElvis is deadElvis is deadElvis is deadElvis is deadElvis is deadElvis is dead When the king diedHe… Continue lendo Elvis Is Dead – Living Colour

Type – LIVING COLOUR StereotypeMonotypeBlood typeAre you my type?MinimalismAbstract expressionismPostmodernismIs it?We are the children of concrete and steelThis is the place where the truth is concealedThis is the time when the lie is revealedEverything is possible, but nothing is realCorporate religionTelevangahypnotismSuffer till you dieFor the sweet-bye-and-byeScience and technology, the new mythologyLook deep insideEmptyWe are the children of concrete… Continue lendo Type – LIVING COLOUR

Pride – Living Colour When I speak out loud You say I'm crazy When I'm feeling proud You say I'm lazy I look around and see the true reality You like our hair You love our music Our culture's large, so you abuse it Take time to understand, I'm an equal man History's a lie that they teach… Continue lendo Pride – Living Colour

Ignorance is Bliss – Living Colour Living with myself is hard enough So I get away when things get rough Famine, strife, and thoughts of war Matter less than the dress she wore You see, ignorance is bliss Problem solved with just one kiss Ignorance is bliss Problem solved with just one kiss I'm just trying to survive Pay my… Continue lendo Ignorance is Bliss – Living Colour

Cult of Personality – Living Colour And during the few moments that we have left we wanna talk right down to earth in a language, that everybody here can easily understand Look in my eyes, what do you see? The cult of personality I know your anger, I know your dreams I've been everything you wanna be I'm the cult… Continue lendo Cult of Personality – Living Colour