PLACEBO – Too Many Friends (live @ RAK Studios)

From Placebo's Loud Like Love (2013). My computer thinks I'm gayI threw that piece of junk awayOn the Champs-ElyséesAs I was walking home This is my last communiqueDown the supper highwayAll that I have left to say in a single tome I got too many friendsToo many people that I'll never meetAnd I'll never… Continue lendo PLACEBO – Too Many Friends (live @ RAK Studios)


Loud like love – Placebo

Breathe / Breathe / Believe Love on an atom, love on a cloud To see the birth of all that isn't now Can you imagine a love that is so proud? It never has to question why or how Total abandon the love in my dreams When I wake up I'm soaking in my… Continue lendo Loud like love – Placebo

PLACEBO – Begin the End

Taken from Placebo's Loud Like Love album (2013) Look me in the eye, say that againTake me to your chest and let me inGive me mouth to mouth and make amendsKnock me off my feet like heroin No need to disguise or to pretendDon't misconstrue and don't misapprehendThere's nothing left, no fortress to defendAnd… Continue lendo PLACEBO – Begin the End