Mystify Michael Hutchence – Official Trailer (Netflix) 'Mystify' Documentary About INXS' Michael Hutchence Will Have One-Night U.S. Theater Showing - Billboard, 10/16/2019 Hutchence's longtime friend Richard Lowenstein shares a deep look into the late singer’s life, loves, ambitions — and an assault that changed him forever. Michael Hutchence’s attention spans the trees while walking through an olive grove. He can’t help… Continue lendo Mystify Michael Hutchence – Official Trailer (Netflix)


By my side – INXS In the dark of the night Those small hours Uncertain and anxious I need to call you Rooms full of strangers Some call me friend But I wish you were so close to me In the dark of night Those small hours I drift away When I'm with you In the dark of night… Continue lendo By my side – INXS