MINISTRY – Amerikkkant [fvll albvm] (2018)

Official full album stream for MINISTRY's fourteenth studio album, Amerikkkant, released on March 9, 2018 via @NuclearBlastRecords. TRACK LIST: I Know Words (0:00) Twilight Zone (3:15) Victims Of A Clown (11:18) TV5/4Chan (19:37) We're Tired Of It (20:26) Wargasm (23:14) Antifa (29:33) Game Over (34:30) AmeriKKKa (39:31)



Let's go to the edge of realityLet's go for total insanityLet's go for a government based on greedLet's go for the final attack Al Jourgensen From the album The Last Sucker (2007) The party's over brothers and sistersIt's the end of mankind as we know itHell and fire, hell and fireCause the tides a-risin'… Continue lendo MINISTRY – Let’s Go

MINISTRY – Good Trouble

From Moral Hygiene (2021) Oh yeah You feel defeatedYou feel oppressedMaybe it's neededTo start the unrestThe world is a messThe world is a mess But if we sayNo justiceBut if we say(Fuck the police)We don't get no justice, you don't get no peaceWe don't get no justice, fuck the policeThink about thatWe don't get… Continue lendo MINISTRY – Good Trouble

1000 HOMO DJS – Supernaut

"Supernaut" is the fifth song from the album Vol. 4 by British heavy metal band Black Sabbath. The song was covered by Al Jourgensen's 1000 Homo DJs (1990). The CD version of the single also contains the songs "Apathy" and "Better Ways", from the band's 1988 debut single, "Apathy." 1000 Homo DJs was a side… Continue lendo 1000 HOMO DJS – Supernaut

MINISTRY – Let’s Go (Adiós Puta Madres)

Let's go to the edge of realityLet's go for total insanityLet's go for a government based on greedLet's go for the final attackLet's go insane! Al Jourgensen The Last Sucker (2007) is the eleventh studio album by industrial metal band Ministry. For three years until their reformation in 2011, it was the band's last studio… Continue lendo MINISTRY – Let’s Go (Adiós Puta Madres)

MINISTRY – The Land of Rape and Honey

The Land of Rape and Honey (1988) is the third studio album by American industrial metal band Ministry. This is the first Ministry album to include bassist Paul Barker and marks a departure from the band's previous two synthpop and EBM records. It incorporates heavy metal guitars and industrial music influences, and Al Jourgensen uses… Continue lendo MINISTRY – The Land of Rape and Honey

MINISTRY – Death Toll

Moral Hygiene (2021) is the fifteenth studio album by American industrial metal band Ministry. In production for about three years, following the release of AmeriKKKant (2018), this album marks the band's first collaboration with bassist Paul D'Amour (previously known as the bassist of Tool), who joined Ministry in 2019, and the first to include a… Continue lendo MINISTRY – Death Toll

MINISTRY – Alert Level (Quarantined Mix)

Industrial Metal Titans MINISTRY have released new single "Alert Level (Quarantined Mix)" via Nuclear Blast Records! From the Moral Hygiene album (2021). The cards on the tableThe hands are on deckHeading to a futureWe all reject Let's get ready (let's get ready)Let's get ready (let's get ready)Let's get readyGet ready to die This is… Continue lendo MINISTRY – Alert Level (Quarantined Mix)

Ministry | Live at Hellfest 2017 (fvll show hi-res)

Hellfest is a heavy music festival that takes place annually in Clisson (France) since 2006. The promoters of the event had previously organized FuryFest in Le Mans in 2004 and 2005. In June 2009, religious groups and far-right activists called on the festival organizers to withdraw from Hellfest. Coca-Cola announced a few days later that… Continue lendo Ministry | Live at Hellfest 2017 (fvll show hi-res)

CHIPSET ZERO – Thieves (Ministry cover)

Formada em 1997, Chipset Zerø mescla vários estilos dentro do metal tradicional / thrash metal (riffs pesados e distorcidos), desde elementos da música eletrônica, rock alternativo, rap, rock industrial e percussões afro-brasileiras. Sua formação atual é: Tubarão na vocal e percussão, Ayka no baixo e backing vocals, Ronny guitarra e backing vocals, Japa na guitarra,… Continue lendo CHIPSET ZERO – Thieves (Ministry cover)