Ministry | Live at Hellfest 2017 (fvll show hi-res)

Hellfest is a heavy music festival that takes place annually in Clisson (France) since 2006. The promoters of the event had previously organized FuryFest in Le Mans in 2004 and 2005. In June 2009, religious groups and far-right activists called on the festival organizers to withdraw from Hellfest. Coca-Cola announced a few days later that… Continue lendo Ministry | Live at Hellfest 2017 (fvll show hi-res)

CHIPSET ZERO – Thieves (Ministry cover)

Formada em 1997, Chipset Zerø mescla vários estilos dentro do metal tradicional / thrash metal (riffs pesados e distorcidos), desde elementos da música eletrônica, rock alternativo, rap, rock industrial e percussões afro-brasileiras. Sua formação atual é: Tubarão na vocal e percussão, Ayka no baixo e backing vocals, Ronny guitarra e backing vocals, Japa na guitarra,… Continue lendo CHIPSET ZERO – Thieves (Ministry cover)

LAMB OF GOD – Jesus Built My Hotrod

Lamb of God (sometimes abbreviated as LoG) is an American heavy metal band from Richmond, Virginia. Formed in 1994 as Burn the Priest, the group consists of bassist John Campbell, vocalist Randy Blythe, guitarists Mark Morton and Willie Adler, and drummer Art Cruz. The band is considered a significant member of the new wave of… Continue lendo LAMB OF GOD – Jesus Built My Hotrod

MINISTRY – Search and Destroy

MINISTRY release new single and video; cover of The Stooges hit "SEARCH AND DESTROY" featuring guitarist Billy Morrison from new album MORAL HYGIENE out now via Nuclear Blast Records! Video by DEAN KARR. DamnHey, heyHey, hey I'm a street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalmI'm a runaway son of the nuclear A-bomb… Continue lendo MINISTRY – Search and Destroy

DOPE – Thieves (feat. Andy LaPlegua of Combichrist)

DOPE - "Thieves" (Cover of classic Ministry song from 1989) off of the upcoming Dope album "Blood Money Part 2" Dope is an American heavy metal band from New York City, formed in 1997. The band has released six full-length studio albums with their most recent studio album, Blood Money Part 1, being released on… Continue lendo DOPE – Thieves (feat. Andy LaPlegua of Combichrist)

MINISTRY – Disinformation

From Moral Hygiene (2021) As misinformation and so called fake newsContinues to be rapidly distributed on the internetOur reality has become increasingly shaped by false information Fake newsFalse and fakeFake news (fake news) Fake newsFalse and fakeFalse and fakeFake newsFalse and fakeFake news The truth is hiding and the world is unstableThis situation never… Continue lendo MINISTRY – Disinformation


Official music video for MINISTRY's "Sabotage Is Sex" feat. Jello Biafra from the album MORAL HYGIENE, out now via Nuclear Blast Records. In our post-democracyTechno, robber, baron ageFrom birth to baconToilets to tilt-a-whirlEnjoy the plagueIt could be your last Sabotage is sexDown with the TitanicSabotage is sex When a body cam shows body slamA… Continue lendo MINISTRY & JELLO BIAFRA – Sabotage Is Sex

MINISTRY – Believe Me

From the Moral Hygiene album (2021) Believe meBelieve meBelieve meBelieve me I wasted my time with youNot worth a thought worth givingCan't trust a word you say is trueI spent my life believingThese words are not deceivingBut now I have a different view They put their trust in youAnd you just left them hollowThey… Continue lendo MINISTRY – Believe Me

S.O.D. – Stigmata (Ministry cover – live in New York ’92) Stronger than reasonStronger than liesThe only truth I knowIs the look in your eyesThe look in your eyes Just like a car crashJust like a knifeMy favorite weaponIs the look in your eyesYou've run out of lies You've run out of liesYou've run out of liesYou've run out of liesYou've run out of liesYou've… Continue lendo S.O.D. – Stigmata (Ministry cover – live in New York ’92)