Not For You – MORDRED You're the perfectYou're the greatYou're the humbleYou're the saintWe've been lyin' hereAnd we've been sheddin' tearsYou're the sun, you're the sunWe'll revolve around the oneOrdained by those in chargeWe see you sitting large God exists when I callTake what you want from allBack down and out of sightCause this American dreamIs not for you, … Continuar lendo Not For You – MORDRED

Everyday’s a holiday – Mordred I like to sleep all day Go to work? Ha, no way I see you work so hard To pay your credit card I see you bust your ass To buy a new bus pass So you can go to work Like every other jerk Every day's a holiday Do you know what I … Continuar lendo Everyday’s a holiday – Mordred

Falling away – Mordred

One of the first funk metal bands I've known (featuring a DJ member), and definetly a forerunner of Nu Metal.   Someone take this cold from me And let my mind run free it used to be Easy to deal with the everyday shit Now it seems I'm all alone to deal with it … Continuar lendo Falling away – Mordred