Otto von Schirach (1978-) is an American IDM and breakcore musician, of Cuban and German heritage. He grew up in the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami and heavily incorporates elements of Miami bass into his music. Otto started out DJing at house parties in the 1990s and began composing his own music. In 2001 he… Continue lendo OTTO VON SCHIRACH – Alien Culo

OTTO VON SCHIRACH – Live @ Sweatstock (2013) Otto Von Schirach performing a Miami bass heavy set on April 20, 2013 at Sweatstock 4, held outside Sweat Records in the Little Haiti area of Miami, FL --

OTTO VON SCHIRACH – Animal ©: 2021 Bermuda Triangle Records Directed & Edited by “The Von Schirach Brothers”Egon Von Schirach @egonvonschirachOtto Von Schirach @ottovonschirach Produced by Nastie the biscayne roach @notorious_nastie Make up EfxReno El Muñeco Devino @xox_reno Staring Ashley Bodie @ashley_bodie____Sofia Luna @sofialunamiamiKirby Casablancas @kawaii_kirbiiDasha Sweetwaters @dashasweetwatersStefanie @dank_hime Special Thanks tooBermuda Triangle FamilyAaron GoldsteinPepe BilleteAxl Von SchirachZoe ShahoulianBianca… Continue lendo OTTO VON SCHIRACH – Animal

WARP Presenta: Otto Von Schirach WARP conversó con éste extraño personaje para nuestra edición no. 49 de WARP Magazine, quien nos habló de su extraña manera de hacer música. Colabroando al mismo tiempo al lado de Atari Teenage Riot y Pitbull, Otto Von Schirach, músico cubano de origen alemán, nos comparte su amor por México y por la innovación… Continue lendo WARP Presenta: Otto Von Schirach

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Pineal Warriors – Otto von Schirach Film By Egon & Otto Von Schirach Pineal Warriors: Supermeng vs. the Anunnaki Otto von Schirach (as Supermeng) and Blowfly battle interdimensional reptiles to save Miami. All Info: OST Sound Track Album - Itunes :