PETE & BAS – Windowframe Cypher (feat. The Snooker Team)

Pete & Bas draft in their boys Patrick Karneigh Junior, Albert Allen, Smith, Norman Pain and McMillan for this new offering. [Chorus: Bas]And a mate went down for a long one, a young man never said namesI've got big tools and I've got big cars and I've got big chainsGold, one on each finger, hands on the wheel… Continue lendo PETE & BAS – Windowframe Cypher (feat. The Snooker Team)



It's party time get your drugs outDo you wanna make love to a sad old man? Norman Pain Norman and Patrick have made a song. Norman Pain (also known as Ball-Head) is an experimental British rapper, singer, and songwriter from Liverpool, England. Pain is a member of the British hip-hop group The Snooker Team. He gained… Continue lendo THE NORTHERN BOYS – Party Time