PEARL JAM – I Believe In Miracles

Pearl Jam performs a hasty version of the Ramones' song. I used to be on an endless runBelieve in miracles 'cause I'm oneI have been blessed with the power to surviveAfter all these years I'm still alive I'm out here kickin' with the bandI am no longer a solitary manEvery day my time runs… Continue lendo PEARL JAM – I Believe In Miracles


Keep on rockin in the free world – NEIL YOUNG & PEARL JAM

A world in which music, the arts and freedom of speech are above religion, religious dogma and superstition. There's colors on the streetRed, white and bluePeople shufflin' their feetPeople sleepin' in their shoesBut there's a warnin' sign on the road aheadThere's a lot of people sayin' we'd be better off deadDon't feel like Satan,… Continue lendo Keep on rockin in the free world – NEIL YOUNG & PEARL JAM