https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHmQqz0D-HM Well I'm thinking about all the losersWho showed up to make this sceneWhere did they go when things didn't work out,When they burned out on the streets?And I'm wondering where I could find the peopleWho left me behindTo wander these streets so all alone Cuz these old streets I'm still wandering downAnd I'm wondering … Continuar lendo Losers Of The Year – PINHEAD GUNPOWDER

Jump Salty (1994) – PINHEAD GUNPOWDER

Passei minhas adolescência, nos anos 90, fissurado em punk rock e hardcore melódico californiano, de NOFX a Green Day. Pinhead Gunpowder é a banda de punk rock de Billy Joe Armstrong paralelamente ao Green Day. O álbum deles, "Jump salty" (Lookout Records, 1994), fazia minha cabeça mais do que qualquer outro, exceção feita talvez a … Continuar lendo Jump Salty (1994) – PINHEAD GUNPOWDER