Nick Cave on faith, grief, and music: The Newsnight Interview

The singer songwriter Nick Cave, best known for fronting his band Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, talks to BBC Newsnight.  The artist talks about the death of one of his fifteen-year-old twin sons, Arthur, seven years ago, and how he has addressed loss and grief through music, particularly his hugely lauded album Ghosteen.  He… Continue lendo Nick Cave on faith, grief, and music: The Newsnight Interview


NICK CAVE – The Red Hand Files #197 (June 2022)

What are your thoughts on free speech? Do you think it is a right?LORRAINE, BERLIN, GERMANY For fuck's sake, enough of the God and Jesus bullshit!JASON, LONDON, UK Dear Lorraine and Jason, We humans are subtle and chaotic creatures, full of ambiguities and contradictions, and it is this that makes up our distinctiveness. We are… Continue lendo NICK CAVE – The Red Hand Files #197 (June 2022)

NICK CAVE – On cynicism (and hopefulness)

The Red Hand Files, 190, April 2022 Following the last few years I'm feeling empty and more cynical than ever. I'm losing faith in other people, and I'm scared to pass these feelings to my little son. Do you still believe in Us (human beings)? Valerio, Stockholm (and Rome), Sweden (and Italy) Dear Valerio, You… Continue lendo NICK CAVE – On cynicism (and hopefulness)

NICK CAVE: On The So-Called “Cancel Culture”

What is mercy for you? VALERIO, TURIN, ITALY What do you think of cancel culture? FRANCES, LOS ANGELES, USA Dear Valerio and Frances, Mercy is a value that should be at the heart of any functioning and tolerant society. Mercy ultimately acknowledges that we are all imperfect and in doing so allows us the oxygen… Continue lendo NICK CAVE: On The So-Called “Cancel Culture”

The Brutal Honesty Of NICK CAVE

The poet David Whyte wrote, “The fear of loss is the motivator behind all conscious and unconscious dishonesties.” I found there to be so much truth in these words. After my son died and I eventually stepped from the darkness back into the world, I brought with me a gift that I feel I am only beginning… Continue lendo The Brutal Honesty Of NICK CAVE

A Prayer To Who? – NICK CAVE

Patrick, from Melbourne, asks Nick Cave: "a prayer to who?" Nick Cave answers: Dear Patrick, The act of prayer is by no means exclusive to religious practise because prayer is not dependent on the existence of a subject. You need not pray to anyone. It is just as valuable to pray into your disbelief, as it is… Continue lendo A Prayer To Who? – NICK CAVE