Retrovertigo – Mr. Bungle Before you advertise All the fame is implied With no fortune unseen Sell the rights To your blight Time-machine While I'm dulled by excess And a cynic at best My art imitates crime Paid for by The allies So invest Now I'm finding truth is a ruin Nauseous end that nobody is pursuing Staring... Continuar Lendo →

M. Shadows: How I Went From Hating to Loving Mr. Bungle’s ‘California’

RevolverMag - July 12, 2019 Versão portuguesa: Avenged Sevenfold singer on "brilliance" of Mike Patton and Co.'s swan song Mr. Bungle were always a weird band, but with 1999's California, they did the unimaginable: They got even weirder. Over 44 minutes, the album incorporates elements of Hawaiian music, electro-funk, surf rock, doo-wop, folk, pop, psychobilly,... Continuar Lendo →

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