ROLO TOMASSI – Live in Stockholm (2022)

Rolo Tomassi are an English band from Sheffield. Their name is taken from a dialogue in the film L.A. Confidential. The band is known for their strong DIY ethic and chaotic style and performances. They are currently signed to MNRK Heavy. Rolo Tomassi performing live @ Hus 7, Stockholm June 30th, 2022. The band… Continue lendo ROLO TOMASSI – Live in Stockholm (2022)

ROLO TOMASSI – Contretemps (live)

Contretemps (Live) @ SCALA 09.11.18. From the album: Time will die and love will bury it (2018) A hidden depth to burden endlesslyGolden memories and sainthoodAnd the following fall through For a certain certaintyOf what the end of this will be There's a weight that rests hereAnd underneath innocenceRising up, raised to confrontImperfections shining… Continue lendo ROLO TOMASSI – Contretemps (live)


From Astraea (2012). A fresh impact onto the unknown,As promising as beginnings go.Disrupt momentum,It helps us move on. Undeniably in doubt,Confronting this argument.The past is limited with silence,Enlighten and repent. Holding fragile moments dear but not one is sacred to you. Mistaken immortality for failures,Debilitated and taken down. Blinded by intelligence at a lifetimes… Continue lendo ROLO TOMASSI – Howl

ROLO TOMASSI – The Scales of Balance / Remancer

From the album Astraea (2012) A hard lesson to understandI educate and learn nothingTeaching how to make the most of a wreck.Indulge in emotions,Swallow them whole, and immerseYourself in these consequences. Uncover neglect with a halfhearted attemptAnd now you're representing everything that we stood against. An easy lesson so I'm told,To pass through the… Continue lendo ROLO TOMASSI – The Scales of Balance / Remancer

ROLO TOMASSI – Empiresk (live)

Live at New Slang, Kingston - 22nd November 2012. Album launch show. Oh I, I believe in notions, of findings, that are far from transparent.It's remarkable what becomes uncovered. When instinct does not misleadThere is no pleasure in unveiling truth,When the answers are so bleakYou must be lifeless to seal all speech Leaving warmth… Continue lendo ROLO TOMASSI – Empiresk (live)


Where Myth Becomes Memory will be available February 4, 2022. On the worst days it’s growing, growing so slowlyWhat to embody? A plea for the remedyForced into a place that never felt like homeAnd if it takes me here then where is there left to go? To strike before it’s all too latePut to… Continue lendo ROLO TOMASSI – Drip

ROLO TOMASSI – Film Noir / Illusions of Trencher (live)

From the Eternal youth album (2011). Sparks light! Cameras flash!Sparks light! Cameras flash!Sparks light! Cameras flash!Sparks light! Cameras flash! This is my premiere, frame the drama I am the heroYou are nothing but a victim Golden armour, strength of showIron pyrites, painted bonesA history, a tapestry of spiderwebs and smokeI choke


Rolo Tomassi - "Empiresk". Track taken from the album Astraea (2012). Live Session with CutLoosetv, a music channel handpicking the finest alternative bands around. CutLoosetv is a venture of the collective Cut Loose Promotions based in Glasgow, Scotland. This channel is dedicated to showcasing the most exciting alternative emerging acts around in a new and… Continue lendo ROLO TOMASSI – Empiresk

ROLO TOMASSI – House House Casanova / Party Wounds Left in the dark with nothing to holdBacking away from a following marchOut of my graspOut of controlI'm watching you fadeEverythings distortedOut of my headOut of context Nothing is peachy, nothing is perfectDifferent eyes are staring backNothing is peachy, nothing is perfectDifferent eyes are staring backNothing is peachy, nothing is perfect… Continue lendo ROLO TOMASSI – House House Casanova / Party Wounds

ROLO TOMASSI – French Motel / Kasia

From the album Cosmology (2010) There is no goodShake your head at me and I'll shake mine right back at youDisappointment isn't a desire of minePlagued with fragmented thoughts of why?Too shameful to describeWith weary assurances I sit byAnd await no replyThere is no good(Digesting the oldest fucking trick)Catch me if you canDipping… Continue lendo ROLO TOMASSI – French Motel / Kasia