Don’t call me dude – Scatterbrain Here's my story, sad but true About a girl that I once knew She broke my heart, I became unglued It all started when she called me dude Well today I leave the psycho ward 'Cause my sentence did conclude: I had killed a man with my bare hands Because he called me dude … Continuar lendo Don’t call me dude – Scatterbrain

Down with the ship – SCATTERBRAIN

Scatterbrain (noun). Informal. A person who forgets things easily or does not think seriously about things: I'm such a scatterbrain - I'm always leaving my bag behind. Sailing on a big ship Deaf, dumb, blind. Sailing through a wild one. To the other side. I'm not going down with the ship. Everyone's captain Trying to tell you what to do. I wan't … Continuar lendo Down with the ship – SCATTERBRAIN