By this river – Brian Eno

I came to discover this beautifully sad song by Brian Eno by watching an Italian film, La stanza del figlio ("The son's room"), from director Nanni Moretti, by the way, also a beautifully sad film, downright devastating, about the tragic loss of a son, and his empty room in the house; about coping with loss,... Continuar Lendo →

“I’m going home (to leave my troubles in the graveyard)”: Soundtracks for life (True Detective, Westworld)

Intensive immersion into 2 soundtracks, from 2 TV series, 2 passions: True Detective's and Westworld's. My life of soundtracks began with Truman Show (1998), therefore over 20 years ago. Soundtracks: such a great idea, take, "musical course" (always connected to a plot, a narrative, a story). Westworld's soundtrack only confirms that the direction/production transpose the... Continuar Lendo →

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