Krishna Buda Jesus ou Alá – Black Alien & Speed

Track pesadão de Black Alien e Speed (R.I.P.), direto de Nikity City... Ontem eu tava bolado do jeito que minha vida ia Do jeito que minha vida estava Do jeito que minha vida ia acabar Aí eu resolvi fumar uma erva Pode chamar de Ganja, Marijuana ou Whatever Aí eu caminhei até o bar,… Continue lendo Krishna Buda Jesus ou Alá – Black Alien & Speed


Speed – Atari Teenage Riot News, drug abuse to the future and the hippocrytes cry: who dies next? and i tell you a story from the underground nothing funny about get down to get hyped! kill me and no one's gonna miss me... feel the heat of the highway! to the car to the key of reality! more and… Continue lendo Speed – Atari Teenage Riot

Slaughterhouse – POWERMAD

Powermad is an American speed metal band, formed in Minneapolis in 1984. The group has been called "An innovative and often forgotten speed metal band...who infused progressive metal styles and European styles into abstract American speed metal." The band's intricate riff formulations were heavily influenced by thrash metal acts like Metallica and Testament. Vocalist Joel… Continue lendo Slaughterhouse – POWERMAD