SQUAREPUSHER – ‘Dark Steering’ taken from ‘Ufabulum’

Squarepusher on Dark Steering: "For a while I had apocalyptic nightmares about trails of nuclear missiles in the night sky. So I aimed to recreate that strange combination of exhilaration, terror and sadness both visually and emotionally through this piece. It lead to the idea of a spacecraft leaving earth at vast speed to escape,… Continue lendo SQUAREPUSHER – ‘Dark Steering’ taken from ‘Ufabulum’


SQUAREPUSHER – Come On My Selector

Squarepusher (Tom Jenkinson) is an English electronic musician, record producer, bassist, and DJ. His music spans several genres, including drum and bass, IDM, jazz, and electroacoustic music. His recordings are often typified by a combination of complex drum programming, live instrumental playing, and digital signal processing. Since 1995, he has recorded for Warp Records as… Continue lendo SQUAREPUSHER – Come On My Selector