Gentle Sufi Music مولانا RUMI

The Turkish ney is an end-blown reed flute, an Ottoman variation on the ancient ney. Alongside the Turkish tanbur lute and the Turkish kemençe fiddle, it is considered one of the most typical instruments of Classical Turkish music. The ney also plays a primary role in the music of the Mevlevi Sufi rites (semâ). A… Continue lendo Gentle Sufi Music مولانا RUMI


What is Sufi Music? The Sound of Islamic Mysticism

In this episode, we finally dive into one of my favorite topics - Sufi Music. We discuss its history, practical uses as well as theoretical, philosophical perspectives on the role and power of music to affect the human soul, all from the perspective of Muslim Sufi writers. Thank you again to Mosa'ab Elshamy for… Continue lendo What is Sufi Music? The Sound of Islamic Mysticism