PLACEBO – Speak in Tongues (live @ Sziget Festival)

Xerebecanto, oh, labaxúria decanterébias, shamaranaia jerubeba xirim maharey suaribim. Kitty came back home from on the islandBut Kitty came on home without a nameShe and me's a history for violenceBut I long, I burn to touch her just the same So we both can speak in tonguesSo we both can speak in tongues Every… Continue lendo PLACEBO – Speak in Tongues (live @ Sziget Festival)

BESH O DROM – Live @ Sziget (2012)

Besh o droM is a Hungarian music group. Their music blends folk and contemporary instruments (including cymbalon and turntables, for instance), in styles ranging from jazz to world music. They acknowledge particular influences from Transylvanian, Jewish, Turkish, Afghan, Egyptian, Lebanese, Armenian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Macedonian and Greek musical traditions. Besh o droM concert - Sziget… Continue lendo BESH O DROM – Live @ Sziget (2012)

FIGLI DI MADRE IGNOTA – Live @ Sziget 2012 [Full Concert]

Figli di Madre Ignota ("Filhos de Mãe Desconhecida") é uma banda de Milão, Itália. Eles tocam uma mistura intensa de música mediterrânea metropolitana, música balcânica, polkas "do mal", klezmer, tarantelas "sem fôlego", entre outras receitas inusitadas, todas elas compostas por guitarras elétricas estilo surf music e uma generosa seção de metais. Música para dançar descontroladamente,… Continue lendo FIGLI DI MADRE IGNOTA – Live @ Sziget 2012 [Full Concert]

Placebo live @ Sziget Festival (2012) 1. Kitty Litter 1:452. Battle for the Sun 6:123. Every You Every Me 12:194. Speak in Tongues 16:47 5. Black-Eyed 21:206. Special Needs 24:587. For What It’s Worth 29:478. I Know 32:479. Slave to the Wage 37:4610. Bright Lights 43:3511. Meds 47:3212. Teenage Angst 51:2313. Song to Say Goodbye 55:0814. The Bitter End 1:00:0015.… Continue lendo Placebo live @ Sziget Festival (2012)

Song to say goodbye (live) – Placebo You are one of God's mistakesYou crying tragic waste of skinI'm well aware of how it achesAnd you still won't let me inNow I'm breaking down your doorTo try and save your swollen faceThough I don't like you anymoreYou lying trying waste of spaceBefore our innocence was lostYou were always one of those blessed… Continue lendo Song to say goodbye (live) – Placebo

Italy’s finest: Figli di Madre Ignota

Those who appreciate Gogol Bordello will probably dig this one, straight from Milano, Italy. The brilliant band name means: "Children of Unknown Mothers".