CURRENT 93 – When The May Rain Comes

Song taken from Current 93's 1992 album Thunder Perfect Mind. Green are the streetsThe asphalt is glisteningWhen the dust of the dayWill be washed awayThe windows are closedAnd the rain is drippingFrom sill to sillAnd down to the ground When the May rain comes... Very young are the leavesOf the trees and the shrubsAnd… Continue lendo CURRENT 93 – When The May Rain Comes


CURRENT 93 – The Sadness Song

Current 93 are an English experimental music group, working since the early 1980s in folk-based musical forms. The band was founded in 1982 by David Tibet, who has been Current 93's only constant member. "The Sadness Song" is taken from Current 93's Thunder Perfect Mind (1993). When we touch the worldJust to fall apartAnd… Continue lendo CURRENT 93 – The Sadness Song

CATHERINE BRASLAVSKY & JOSEPH ROWE – Thunder, Perfect Mind (Bronte, Nous Indelios)

Composed and performed by Catherine Braslavsky and Joseph Rowe. Ancient Coptic text discovered in Egypt at Nag Hammadi in 1945. Origin unknown, related to ancient Greco-Egyptian Goddess-religions. Partial English translation of singer's Coptic. "There came a beautiful day, when I knew I had no choice but to sing. From the beginning, I had a… Continue lendo CATHERINE BRASLAVSKY & JOSEPH ROWE – Thunder, Perfect Mind (Bronte, Nous Indelios)

CURRENT 93 / NURSE WITH WOUND – Thunder The Perfect Mind

Thunder Perfect Mind is an album by the English experimental group Current 93, released on 28 July 1992. It contains two tracks based on the Gnostic poem The Thunder, Perfect Mind, which also gave the album its name. Thunder Perfect Mind has a companion album by the same name recorded by Nurse With Wound, released… Continue lendo CURRENT 93 / NURSE WITH WOUND – Thunder The Perfect Mind