ROLO TOMASSI – Aftermath

I am unafraid of the aftermathThe bones of what's below will never grow. ROLO TOMASSI, "Aftermath" From Rolo Tomassi's album Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It (2018). In practice past, I'm closing offUntethered by visionsUnfamiliarAll lines of sightObstructed by light For what lies beneathAnd remains on the surface Don't blame all that… Continue lendo ROLO TOMASSI – Aftermath


ROLO TOMASSI – Contretemps (live)

Contretemps (Live) @ SCALA 09.11.18. From the album: Time will die and love will bury it (2018) A hidden depth to burden endlesslyGolden memories and sainthoodAnd the following fall through For a certain certaintyOf what the end of this will be There's a weight that rests hereAnd underneath innocenceRising up, raised to confrontImperfections shining… Continue lendo ROLO TOMASSI – Contretemps (live)