Lust For Life – IGGY POP

In Lust We Trust. Here comes Johnny Yen againWith the liquor and drugsAnd a flesh machineHe's gonna do another striptease Hey man, where'd you get that lotion?I've been hurting since I bought the gimmickAbout something called loveYeah, something called loveWell, that's like hypnotizing chickens Well, I'm just a modern guyOf course, I've had it… Continue lendo Lust For Life – IGGY POP


Mile End – Pulp

From the Trainspotting soundtrack We didn't have no where to live, / we didn't have nowhere to go 'til someone said / "I know this place off Burditt Road." It was on the fifteenth floor, / it had a board across the door. It took an hour / to pry it off and get… Continue lendo Mile End – Pulp