TUB RING – When The Crash Happened

Chicago based Tub Ring is not a band that can or should be easily categorized. Instead it's that exact quality that has made them such a following over the years. Formed in 1992 as a high school punk band, Tub Ring didn't take off until the addition of keyboard player Rob Kleiner, who was a… Continue lendo TUB RING – When The Crash Happened


TUB RING – Faster / Bite The Wax Tadpole

Tub Ring is a Chicago-based band formed in 1992 by Jason Fields, Kevin Gibson, Chris "Mouse" Blake, and Geoff Valker. After the passing of their manager, Lee Swanson in 1994, the band lineup changed and took form with the addition of keyboardist Rob Kleiner. Kleiner spent his teenage years following around the band Mr. Bungle.… Continue lendo TUB RING – Faster / Bite The Wax Tadpole