Christian Bollmann (born February 19, 1949) is a German singer, conductor and trumpeter. After the first tours and the musical production of his songs in the duo Midnight Circus, with Torsten Schmid, he studied trumpet with Manfred Schoof at the Cologne University of Music. In 1969, he discovered the phenomenon of pitch-singing in a performance… Continue lendo CHRISTIAN BOLLMANN -Obertongesang


UUHAI & HURD – Uuhai

Blend globalized rock music with the UNESCO-registered cultural legacies of Mongolian throat singing, long song, and horse-head fiddle music in creating Mongolian rock metal songs while uniting fans in shouts of “hoo-rah”. Through impressive displays of power, using a tidal wave of “uuhai”, or “hoo-rah” in English, chants shouted in unison raised up to the… Continue lendo UUHAI & HURD – Uuhai

Huun Hur Tu: Tuvan throat singing

Huun-Huur-Tu (em tuviniano: Хүн Хүртү Khün Khürtü, em russo: Хуун-Хуур-Ту) é uma banda de Tuva, uma das repúblicas da Rússia situada na fronteira entre a Rússia e a Mongólia. A característica mais distinta do Huun-Huur-Tu é o canto difônico, em que os vocalistas cantam tanto a nota principal (drone) quanto as suas harmonias, produzindo duas… Continue lendo Huun Hur Tu: Tuvan throat singing