Vienna – Ultravox! Walked in the cold air Freezing breath on a window pane Lying and waiting A man in the dark in a picture frame So mystic and soulful A voice reaching out in a piercing cry It stays with you until The feeling has gone only you and I It means nothing to me This … Continuar lendo Vienna – Ultravox!

The man who dies everyday – Ultravox! Someone stood beside me for a moment in the rain A silhouette, a cigarette, and a gesture of disdain I felt a dark door open, saw a sudden ghost come through A spark leapt from my fingertip and I knew it must be you Ain't you the man who dies every day? You're the … Continuar lendo The man who dies everyday – Ultravox!

The wild, the beautiful and the damned – Ultravox! Calling cards of madness Pull the brass men from their knees To petrify more images To dangle just outside the reach Of the stunted and the dreamless ones Who have nothing left to keep For frozen dawns or nights As cold as these have been Don't ask for explanations There's nothing left you'd understand … Continuar lendo The wild, the beautiful and the damned – Ultravox!