Soulcraft – Bad Brains Life, life, life, life and creation, yeah Life and creationSome a dem a comeGonna have few runNo thrills dem gonna have to payPeaceful direction in this unityStrap on survival kitNo drugs inside of you Fly the soul craftOn your ownDon't miss the soul craft Look, look, look, look in the action Look in the … Continuar lendo Soulcraft – Bad Brains

Bad Brains live in Florida (1987) Setlist: 1. Intro / 0:00 - 1:162. I / 1:16 - 3:303. House of Suffering / 3:30 - 5:344. Daytripper/ She's a Rainbow / 5:41 - 10:165. She is Calling you / 10:25 - 13:446. The Youth are getting Restless / 13:49 - 18:467. I against I / 18:53 - 21:488. At the Movies … Continuar lendo Bad Brains live in Florida (1987)

Epic problems – Fugazi

Epic problems. Epic riffs. Congratulations. stop. wish I could be there. stop. Tell me something I don't know. Is there anything left to know? stop. stop. stop. stop. stop. Accessory accessory accessory accessory accessory accessory We regret to inform. stop. miss you dearly signed sincerely. stop. Tell me something that I don't know is … Continuar lendo Epic problems – Fugazi