SELF – What A Fool Believes (Doobie Brothers)

Self (stylized as sElf or SeLF) is an American alternative pop rock band from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The band is led by Matt Mahaffey. The band currently consists of Chris James (keyboards, piano, samplers, guitar, backing vocals), Mac Burrus (bass guitar, keyboards, horns, backing vocals), and Jason Rawlings (drums). Past members include Matt's brother, Mike Mahaffey… Continue lendo SELF – What A Fool Believes (Doobie Brothers)


THE DOOBIE BROTHERS – What A Fool Believes

From the album Minute By Minute (1979). "What A Fool Believes" reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 on April 14, 1979 - one of only a handful of non-disco songs to hit #1 in 1979. He came from somewhere back in her long agoThe sentimental fool don't seeTrying hard to recreate what had… Continue lendo THE DOOBIE BROTHERS – What A Fool Believes