There’s something about Alice… | Artist Review

"This is the point why, from ancient times, people discovered humming and singing, and everybody used to sing while they worked. But you will notice that today very few people sing at all. You have to make a thing of it. People are afraid of their voices—their melodic voice as distinct from their spoken voice.… Continue lendo There’s something about Alice… | Artist Review


ALICE MERTON – Why So Serious? (live bei TV Noir)

Alice Merton live bei TV Noir, dem Wohnzimmer der Songwriter. Tex führt als Moderator im Admiralspalast in Berlin durch die Musik-Talk-Show TV Noir. Im August 2018 zu Gast auf dem Sofa waren Alice Merton und Lambert & Dekker. Herzlichen Dank an Bechstein für die Bereitstellung des fantastischen Flügels. Alle Clips von Alice Merton unter… Continue lendo ALICE MERTON – Why So Serious? (live bei TV Noir)

ALICE MERTON – Why So Serious?

Alice Merton (born 13 September 1993) is a German-Canadian singer and songwriter. Merton achieved mainstream success with her debut single, "No Roots". When did we forgetAll the crazy things that made us feel so part of it?Our youth, so confidentWe played our heartstringsNot caring if it ends Try to learn to let go of… Continue lendo ALICE MERTON – Why So Serious?