DEAD CAN DANCE – Dionysus [fvll albvm] (2018)

Dead Can Dance is an Australian music duo first established in Melbourne. Currently composed of Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry, the group formed in 1981. They relocated to London the following year. Australian music historian Ian McFarlane described Dead Can Dance's style as "constructed soundscapes of mesmerising grandeur and solemn beauty; African polyrhythms, Gaelic folk,… Continue lendo DEAD CAN DANCE – Dionysus [fvll albvm] (2018)

EYVIND KANG – Grass Study

From Eyvind Kang's album Sonic Gnostic (2021) A truly stunning piece of work, Eyvind Kang’s “Sonic Gnostic” radically bridges the worlds of minimal composition, rigorous experimentation, and improvised forms, in ways that locks Kang in the mind as one of America’s most original thinkers in the contemporary landscape of sound. Capturing Kang live on… Continue lendo EYVIND KANG – Grass Study


Based in London and Tel-Aviv, Staraya Derevnya (Russian: Старая деревня, “Old village”) is an experimental psychedelic band that has been active since 1994. It is named after the historic district of Saint Petersburg. The group’s music style is self-defined as “krautfolk” and is characterised by free-form jams, hypnotic rhythmic patterns and an eclectic mix of instruments. Their… Continue lendo STARAYA DEREVNYA – Boulder Blues

SER SONORO: Sons, Músicas e o Mundo da Escuta (podcast)

Como é possível que um monte de sons façam a gente sorrir, chorar, lutar ou dançar? Que poder é esse da vibração das moléculas de ar que quando toca nossos tímpanos cria todo tipo de sensação? A magia acontece primeiro em quem ouve os sons do mundo, se inspira e os recombina. Depois em… Continue lendo SER SONORO: Sons, Músicas e o Mundo da Escuta (podcast)

JOHN ZORN’S PAINKILLER – Live in Moscow (2006)

Painkiller (also known as Pain Killer) is a band that formed in 1991, combining avant-garde jazz and grindcore. Later albums incorporated elements of ambient and dub. The three primary members of Painkiller were John Zorn on saxophone, Bill Laswell on bass guitar and Mick Harris on drums. Zorn and Laswell work in the New York… Continue lendo JOHN ZORN’S PAINKILLER – Live in Moscow (2006)


Yann Tiersen (born 23 June 1970) is a Breton musician and composer. His musical career is split between studio recordings, music collaborations and film soundtracks songwriting. His music incorporates a large variety of classical and contemporary instruments, primarily the electric guitar, the piano, synthesisers and the violin, but also instruments such as the melodica, xylophone,… Continue lendo YANN TIERSEN – Live on KEXP

EARTH.FM: this site lets you listen to nature sounds from all over the world

Jasmine Hicks - The Verge, June 24, 2022 brings together recordings from around the world For people who love discovering new sounds, there’s an intriguing new site that collects soundscapes from around the world. The site,, bills itself as “Like Spotify, but for natural soundscapes.” You can listen to bird species in Malaysia or India or forest sounds in Ghana. The… Continue lendo EARTH.FM: this site lets you listen to nature sounds from all over the world

CURRENT 93 – Of Ruine Or Some Blazing Starre – The Broken Heart of Man (1993)

Of Ruine or Some Blazing Starre - The Broken Heart of Man (1993) is an album by English one-man band Current 93. Although musically one of Current 93's gentlest albums it is also lyrically very dark, prominently featuring the motif of blood, menstrual and otherwise. David Tibet states in the liner notes that all… Continue lendo CURRENT 93 – Of Ruine Or Some Blazing Starre – The Broken Heart of Man (1993)

CURRENT 93 – Invocations of Almost (fvll albvm) [2019]

The 59-minute length reflects David Tibet's age when the album was released, while perpetuating the connection that he and other musicians from his circle (Coil, Nurse With Wound) hold with unknown forces such as chance, whence correlations and interpretations that go deeper than the reach of the senses. Invocations Of Almost was illustrated by… Continue lendo CURRENT 93 – Invocations of Almost (fvll albvm) [2019]

CURRENT 93 ‎– The Light Is Leaving Us All (fvll albvm)

The Light Is Leaving Us All (2018) is an album by British experimental music group Current 93. It was released on 13 October 2018 through The Spheres record label and House of Mythology. The album was performed in its entirety on 13 October 2018 in a rare performance at O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire in London,… Continue lendo CURRENT 93 ‎– The Light Is Leaving Us All (fvll albvm)