Tradução em Português BR de Mathematik (do Lindemann feat. Haftbefehl) em HQ. All rights belong to their respective owners Todos os direitos pertencem aos seus respectivos criadores. Eu apenas legendei. - Richard Orwell Fick, fick, fickFick, fick, fickFick, fick, fick sie richtigIch wollte nie zur Schule gehenIch wollte lieber Fernsehen sehenStatt blöde Summen zu … Continuar lendo Mathematik – LINDEMANN & HAFTBEFEHL


Panzerballett is a Munich quintet led by guitarist, composer and arranger Jan Zehrfeld. Their musical style is best described as jazz-metal. After several years of searching, classically trained guitarist Jan Zehrfeld joined several musicians together with the idea of forming a jazz metal band. Zehrfeld felt that he was always angry at something, and that … Continuar lendo Take Five – PANZERBALLETT

Der Stoff Aus Dem Die Traume Sind – PETER THOMAS SOUND ORCHESTRA Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra - Peter Scores (The Erotic World Of The Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra) (2002) Peter Thomas is a German composer/arranger. He was born in Breslau (Silesia) on 1 December 1925, and his active career spanned more than 50 years between 1955 and 2006.He is known for his TV and film soundtracks … Continuar lendo Der Stoff Aus Dem Die Traume Sind – PETER THOMAS SOUND ORCHESTRA

Try Again (live) – KNORKATOR

Knorkator é uma banda criada em Berlim, Alemanha, em 1994. É considerada por alguns como metal industrial, embora possua elementos cômicos em suas letras. O fim da banda foi anunciado em 14 de Junho de 2008, a última exibição da banda foi em 5 de Dezembro do mesmo ano em Berlim. Em Abril de 2011 … Continuar lendo Try Again (live) – KNORKATOR

Sounds Like A Melody – ALPHAVILLE It's a trick of my mindTwo faces bathing in the screen lightShe's so soft and warm in my armsI tune it into the sceneMy hands are resting on her shouldersWhen we're dancing away for a whileOh, we're moving, we're fallingWe step into the fireBy the hour of the wolf in a midnight dreamThere's no … Continuar lendo Sounds Like A Melody – ALPHAVILLE

Lies – ALPHAVILLE BabyWhat do I doPlaying my tune for youJust to get you in the moodEverybody's going to hollywoodYou're driving me madBut I'm smiling to the crowd insteadA lot of money is at stake,This is a hit and that's a fakeThis is what you mean to meThis is what they all should seeMake a make up … Continuar lendo Lies – ALPHAVILLE

Moksha (2015) – MY SLEEPING KARMA

Moksha (2015) é o quinto álbum do My Sleeping Karma, uma banda alemã de rock e metal cuja música, puramente instrumental, tem a virtude poética de suscitar atmosferas, imagens, paisagens sonoras (sombrias, irradiantes) a serem contempladas na calma e/ou na intensidade, com muito silêncio, som e fúria. Moksha is the fifth studio album of … Continuar lendo Moksha (2015) – MY SLEEPING KARMA

Heresy – PARADOX Heresy is the second album by Paradox, released in 1989. The album preaches a conceptual story about the Albigensian Crusade of the 13th century. It is Paradox's best selling album to date, and was the band's last studio album for 11 years, until Collision Course (2000). Heresy was reissued by the German label High Vaultage Records in 1999, which contains 2 bonus … Continuar lendo Heresy – PARADOX

Children of the Night – BLUTENGEL

Got blood? We need your bloodWe need your fleshWe want to see you fade to blackDo you like our white skin?Do you like our eyes?Do you want to follow us through the night?We are your pleasure, we are your destiny…We are your pleasure, we are your destiny…We're living in the the darkness, we hate … Continuar lendo Children of the Night – BLUTENGEL


Anna-Varney Cantodea, the ideal being. Music video for the song "In der Palästra" by SOPOR AETERNUS & THE ENSEMBLE OF SHADOWS, taken from the album "Les Fleurs du Mal". Created by Anna-Varney Cantodea in 2007. As through the pipes the waters fellDown to the bottom of the wellIn listless apathy I gazedAt the cold … Continuar lendo In der Palästra – SOPOR AETERNUS & THE ENSEMBLE OF SHADOWS