The global rise of afro house music | DW Documentary

They only need three things to make a club hit: talent, headphones, and a laptop. All across Africa, accomplished DJs are taking the continent by storm and inspiring international artists to venture into the world of afro house. In South Africa, electronic dance music is pop music. Afro house is everywhere – it resounds… Continue lendo The global rise of afro house music | DW Documentary


ALICE MERTON – Waste My Life

Alice Merton (born 13 September 1993) is a German-Canadian singer and songwriter. Merton achieved mainstream success with her debut single, "No Roots". In 2017, she released her first EP of the same name and in 2018, she released her debut album Mint and in 2022, her second album, S.I.D.E.S. was released. Lyrics:Five nights on… Continue lendo ALICE MERTON – Waste My Life

Why Rammstein is so controversial | DW History and Culture

​@RammsteinOfficial is Germany's biggest rock export, tough, loud and provocative. We take a closer look at the legendary band that formed in 1994 around @TillLindemann_official and gets to grips with its shock rock aesthetics and lyrics. On this episode of Arts Unveiled we find out the secret to the stellar international success of German… Continue lendo Why Rammstein is so controversial | DW History and Culture

Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 | Daniel Barenboim & the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra (complete symphony)

The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra conducted by Daniel Barenboim performs Beethoven's Ninth Symphony at the Berlin Philharmonic. It's supported by singers Angela Denoke, Waltraud Meier, Burkhard Fritz and René Pape. The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra is a very special ensemble: It is made up of young Israeli and Arab musicians and is campaigning for a peaceful solution… Continue lendo Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 | Daniel Barenboim & the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra (complete symphony)


From Rammstein's new album Zeit (2022). Nur der Tod währt alle ZeitEr flüstert unterm TannenzweigMuss alles in sein Dunkel ziehenSogar die Sonne wird verglühen Doch keine Angst, wir sind bei dirEin letztes Mal, so singen wir Adieu, Goodbye, Auf WiedersehenDen letzten Weg musst du alleine gehenEin letzes Lied, ein letzter KussKein Wunder wird geschehenAdieu,… Continue lendo RAMMSTEIN – Adieu

ALPHAVILLE – Sounds Like A Melody (live 1999)

From Alphaville's self-titled album (1984). It's a trick of my mindTwo faces bathing in the screen lightShe's so soft and warm in my armsI tune it into the sceneMy hands are resting on her shouldersWhen we're dancing away for a whileOh, we're moving, we're fallingWe step into the fireBy the hour of the wolf… Continue lendo ALPHAVILLE – Sounds Like A Melody (live 1999)

J. S. BACH – Mass in B Minor (conducted by George Enescu)

George Enescu (1881–1955), known in France as Georges Enesco, was a Romanian composer, violinist, conductor and teacher. Regarded as one of the greatest musicians in Romanian history, Enescu is featured on the Romanian five lei ("lions", Romania's national currency). Choir: BBC ChorusConductor: George EnescuOrchestra: Boyd Neel OrchestraComposer: Johann Sebastian Bach

ATROCITY – Desecration of God

Atrocity is a German heavy metal band from Ludwigsburg that formed in 1985. Malus dominusDeus occultusDiabolicusAsmodaeusMalus dominusDeus occultusDiabolicusAsmodaeus Rites, powers of magicDormant inside youIndulge your life in sinLoose your mind and soulWorst of the demonsGrotesque fantasies Hail the pagan godSacrificial bloodSuccumb to lustDesecration Archdemon riseFrom the shadow realmBlood covenantDesecration of God Praise the prince… Continue lendo ATROCITY – Desecration of God

SCHILLER x ALPHAVILLE – Summer in Berlin

SCHILLER is a German electronic music band that rose to fame in 1998 and is named after the German poet and dramatist Friedrich Schiller. Originally, it was a duo consisting of Christopher von Deylen and Mirko von Schlieffen. Around 2001 or 2002, von Schlieffen left the band, leaving von Deylen the solo member. In 2021,… Continue lendo SCHILLER x ALPHAVILLE – Summer in Berlin

ALPHAVILLE – Forever Young (symphonic version 2022)

About the album Eternally Yours: Alphaville, Germany’s biggest synth-pop export and creator of the legendary 80s anthems “Big in Japan”, “Sounds like a Melody” and “Forever Young”, has decided to go symphonic. The band is doing things on the grand scale and catapulting the band’s 40 years of greatest hits out of the orbit of… Continue lendo ALPHAVILLE – Forever Young (symphonic version 2022)